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Health Testing

sam-6Occu-Med's Employee Health Testing services help clients confirm that employees are medically fit to do the work, or to continue to do the work that is being asked of them. We conduct employee health tests using mobile health testing units, teams of travelling health professionals, and a national network of affiliated clinics.

Our health testing services include Pre-placement Medicals, Periodic health tests, Medical Surveillance Programs (for hazardous substance exposure). and Return-To-Work or 'second-opinion' medicals (after an employee injury)

Occu-Med's occupational health professionals work with employers to create customized protocols (testing programs) based on the hazards that employees are exposed to. We can then deliver the appropriate medicals almost anywhere in Canada, with our travelling nurses, Mobile Health testing units (think 'clinic on wheels') and large network of affiliated clinics.

Medical Surveillance

As Ontario's largest provider of Medical Surveillance programs, Occu-Med knows exactly what needs to be done for any substance requiring medical surveillance, and for any designated substance program. These programs assess whether employees are medically fit to work with the substances present in their workplace.

We reduce employee costs and downtime by delivering surveillance programs onsite using either travelling nurses, or our Mobile Health Units (think 'clinic on wheels).

Our expertise will ensure that your company is fully compliant with Occupational Health & Safety legislation and Designated Substance regulations. In addition, we can arrange medicals almost anywhere in Canada, through our national network of affiliated clinics.

Health Management

Our Occupational Health Nurses and Medical Directors can help you manage employee health in a manner that helps you

  • create healthier & safer workplaces
  • reduce your injuries and illnesses in the workplace
  • improve employee health
  • reduce your occupational health costs and
  • improve employee productivity

From on-site Nurse placement, to Occupational health consulting by our Medical Directors, our services can create healthier workforces while reducing occupational health costs.

Employee Wellness

Health & Wellness programs focus on improving the overall health of employees on a proactive basis by addressing both workplace and lifestyle health issues. Studies show that Healthier employees have lower absenteeism, and improved productivity.

Occu-Med can help your company to design & implement wellness programs that include

  • employee health assessments
  • wellness clinics and fairs, and
  • employee education on health issues (like cholesterol, weight management & smoking cessation) and
  • stretching and exercise programs

Wellness programs are customized to yourneeds - so call us to discuss your company's situation!


You are here: Home Occu-Med Home General Information About The Company Welcome. We're here to help!

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Building Blocks: Good Health

Design templateHealth promotion acts as the foundation of a strong Employee Health program.


Need to know who was tested? We can reprint employee testing reports if needed.

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