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Occu-Med provides Designated Substance Medicals to help you comply with legislated requirements.

Employers who use certain substances designated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations are required, by law, to conduct pre-placement and periodic medical exams, to determineDesignated Substance medicals help control & manage your occupational health costs

  1. if employees are medically fit to start working (and be exposed) to those substances, and
  2. if employees are medically fit to continue working with designated substances.
In short, employers who expose employees to hazardous substances have a legal obligation to
  • monitor wether such exposure is harming employees' health
  • take every precaution necessary to protect employees and reduce the potential harm.

We come to you:

We know that employers with designated substances can't just send a few hundred (or even a few) employees down to the local clinic for their medicals.  What should be a 40-minute medical becomes a 3-HOUR trip once you factor in travel time, a stop for coffee, and the waiting time at the doctor's office! And in many assembly-line situations, your costs double since you must also pay the absent employees' replacement on the line.

Occu-Med's on-site services save employers money, by reducing the time it takes to conduct these medicals. Our nurses come to you, bring portable equipment, and conduct the designated subtance medicals right at your workplace. A 30-minute medical therefore takes about 30-minutes. No travel, no detours, and no waiting at the doctors office.

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You are here: Home Employee Health Tests Medical Surveillance

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Need to know who was tested? We can reprint employee testing reports if needed.

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