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Mobile hearing testing services allow employers to test employees efficiently, while reducing the hassle & expense associated with hearing testing of employees exposed to noise in the workplace.    And we're quite expert at designing schedules and processes that help clients increase the effectiveness of their hearing testing program.  After all, we're one of Ontario's most experienced audiometric testing companies, having provided industrial hearing tests and related services since 1977.

Mobile Audiometric Testing Units are use to provide hearing tests directly at job sites and work locations throughout Ontario.  In addition, Occu-Med provides the full ranges of services required for Hearing Conservation Programs typically required as part of an industrial hearing test program. 

Our Hearing Conservation programs include:

  • Noise surveys
  • Audiometric Testing
  • Employee education on hearing loss and hearing tests
  • Presentation of audiometric testing results to employee groups or Health & Safety Committees
  • Pre-test presentations to employees on the purpose & design of the hearing testing program
  • Customized reporting package of summary audiometric results
  • Individualized hearing test report letters for each employee

Our mobile hearing testing team focuses on simplifying audiometric testing programs for our clients.   We provide assistance with scheduling, with presentations to employees, and post-testing presentations to ensure employee questions or concerns are addressed.  We even provide onsite Testing Co-ordinators who assist the employer to manage the flow of employees.  These co-ordinators work with supervisors to help ensure an efficient flow of employees through the audiometric testing truck, and therefore make the program as cost-effective as possible.

In short, we work hard to make the management of audiometric testing programs as easy as possible for our clients.

Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your hearing testing program, increase employee participation, and reduce the costs associated with employee audiometric testing.

You are here: Home Programs Hearing Conservation Programs Mobile Hearing Testing

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