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Occu-Med is uniquely able to provide all our mobile health and on-site testing services at client locations.  The ability to deliver service directly at your location means that we:
  • minimize the cost of downtime and employee travel
  • increase the efficiency of the medical services personnel
  • enable you to cover a higher number of employees in a shorter time-span and
  • reduce the total cost of your medical surveillance or pre-placement program.

Mobile Units

Occu-Med was one of the first to introduce mobile units to provide on-site health testing to clients throughout Southwestern Ontario, having operated Mobile Hearing testing trucks since the early 1980's.  These units contain hearing booths and examining rooms which can be used to conduct medical and ergonomic assessments, audiometric testing, vision and pulmonary function tests. 

Our Mobile Health Testing Unit is essentially an x-ray clinic on wheels, and  was designed for general purpose health and medical surveillance testing .  This unit includes an X-ray unit, a full sound booth, two medical examining beds and space for vision and pulmonary function testing equipment.

Our mobile units are specifically required for certain types of testing because of the equipment they carry.  Alternatively, the mobile health testing units can be scheduled  when clients do not have appropriate facilities.  Need to do preplacement medicals for a factory you're still building?  Have a number of employees that you need tested, but no room in your production facility?  No problem -- we can park outside the building.

Mobile Hearing Testing units are used for audiometric testing - and can conduct over 100 hearing tests per 8-hour shift.

We have many choices for how best to handle the logistics and management of the health service delivery, so as to simplify the process and reduce your total testing costs.  Call us, and we'll work it out for you.

You are here: Home Service Location Choices Mobile Health Testing

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