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Return to Work Medicals help reduce occupational health costsA return-to-work assessment helps to identify or confirm if a worker has health limitations that might affect their ability to work without harming themselves or others if they return to the workplace.

Typically, employers do return-to-work or RTW medicals to ensure that employees have recovered from an injury (workplace or otherwise) that required them to miss time off work.   Why do these assessments?

  • so that a worker can be assigned to a position for which he or she is more suitable,
  • so that a job can be modified to provide safe work for the worker while protecting the interests of the organization.
  • to minimize the possibility that a worker will be re-injured or aggravate an unhealed injury
  • to minimize the costs of worker's compensation in case of a re-injury or aggravation

Employers may also be able to obtain relief from the WSIB or Workers Compensation second-injury fund should an employee have pre-existing conditions.

Occu-Med conducts return-to-work medicals using our national network of health service providers.
Our Medical Staff can:

  • determine which health specialty is best qualified to conduct the RTW medical
    (depending on the employee's injury)
  • assign the RTW medical to the correct health specialty
  • arrange for all the required paperwork to meet employer, injurer and WSIB needs
  • provide medical opinions and the required 'fit letters'
Return-To-Work assessments are best handled on a case-by-case basis, so ... call us to discuss your case, and we'll tell you how we can help.
You are here: Home Employee Health Tests Return-to-Work Medicals

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