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Picture of noise dosimeter used in Noise Surveys in Hearing Conservation programsNoise Surveys are a critical component of a Hearing Conservation program.  A noise survey takes a scientific measure of the noise levels in the workplace.  More importantly, the survey typically includes a number of noise dosimeter readings which provide data as to the workplace noise levels that employees in representative functions may be exposed to.

A noise assessment includes a preliminary walk-through, comprehensive noise monitoring measurements including noise level meters and noise dosimeters and the written evaluation.

The Noise survey report identifies the levels of employee noise exposure, and then makes recommendations to help reduce exposure to workplace noise and to reduce noise-induced hearing loss.

A Noise survey report prepared as part of the hearing conversation program includes recommendations on:

  • hearing protection,
  • audiometric testing
  • employee education,
  • engineering controls and
  • other means to reduce workplace noise and noise-induced hearing loss.

Occu-Med provides Noise Surveys as part of Hearing Conversation programs, through our Workplace Assessment group.

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