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Employee health testing will reduce your occupational health costsEmployers across Canada require employee health assessments like pre-placement medicals, hearing tests, vision tests and so on, for primarily three reasons:

  • To comply with Occupational Health & Safety regulations that specifically require employee health testing
  • To ensure that employees are medically fit for a new position
  • And to ensure that employees are medically fit to return to work following time off after an injury (workplace or otherwise).

Employers need to ensure that new workers can do the job safely.  Pre-placement medicals, for example, protect employers by helping to ensure that employees are physically capable of doing the job without huring themselves (or possibly others).

Further, Designated Substance regulations like those for Silica, Asbestos and Isocyanates have specific requirements for Medical Surveillance Programs that include employee medicals.

Occu-Med provides services in all these areas, by having our travelling nurses, mobile health testing units, and mobile hearing testing units  go directly to a workplace, or by conducting the medical tests at one of the many clinics in our  National Clinic Network.



You are here: Home Employee Health Tests

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Need to know who was tested? We can reprint employee testing reports if needed.

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