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Audiometric Testing helps reduce your workplace occupational health costsAudiometric testing helps:

  • to identify whether employees have suffered hearing loss and
  • to determine if noise in the workplace might be contributing to hearing loss.

While some companies test only once (to establish a baseline, usually at time of hire), the real value of audiometric testing comes from testing on some periodic basis -- so that results can be compared period over period and trends can be identified.

It is quite possible that a specific employee's loss may not be caused by noise in the workplace. However, comparing the summary results for different divisions, departments or locations can help companies identify patterns, or more importantly -- significant differences between departments, divisions, etc. These comparisons can help an employer can assess whether the hearing conservation program overall is working, and where improvements need to be made.

Each Occu-Med mobile audiometric testing unit is capable of testing 4 employees simultaneously. Our units are equipped with state-of-the-art audiometers and data gathering equipment which ensure reliability, repeatability and reproducibility of results.

In addition, Occu-Med has enough audiometric testing staff to be able to work around the clock for days or weeks at a time. This is particularly significant for larger clients that wish to do their audiometric testing as quickly & efficiently as possible. Typically, this is best done by doing the testing in as few contiguous time-blocks as possible.

Occu-Med provides additional value-added services to help clients prepare for and administer the testing program, and maintain the flow of employees during the program.

You are here: Home Employee Health Tests Audiometric Testing

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